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Stay.. With Me

Author Name: Subhankar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Shobhit Roy saw Kirti Rathod during an interview for a Chennai based airline and immediately fell in love. Kirti, however, was completely unaware of his feelings. She was the most adorable girl out of all the candidates. Despite this, they both got hired and a wonderful friendship blossomed. Eventually, Shobhit discovered that Kirti was already in love with someone else, but he didn't want to lose her friendship. So, he accepted the situation and supported her through her good and bad times. Their bond grew even stronger and one day, Shobhit confessed his feelings to Kirti, who already knew about them. She was torn between him and her possessive boyfriend whom everyone at work knew about. Kirti wanted to escape his control and that's why she enjoyed being around Shobhit. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, their friendship (or possibly more) fell apart. Shobhit was transferred to Mumbai, leaving Kirti in Chennai. 
Will Kirti reciprocate Shobhit's feelings even after his transfer? Does his love have enough strength? Does 'True Love' always prevail? 

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Subhankar has had an incredible career journey. He initially worked in the airline industry where he honed his skills in customer service and fostering positive experiences for travellers. However, Subhankar has now transitioned to an administrative role in Government services, where he continues to contribute his expertise and make a difference in his community. 
He Has natural ability to handle diverse responsibilities. Whether it's assisting passengers in the air or managing administrative tasks in the Government, or writing a book, he truly puts his heart into everything he does.