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Success at Every Obstacle

by M Nagarajan

Format: Paperback

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Success at Every Obstacletalks about anew approach for being successful and retaining it consistently. This is neither a book nor a guide; it is a yantra, which will motivate you towards success. This will define and explain what success is and how you can accomplish it. It stands as a Bible for Christians, a Bhagavad Gita for Hindus and a Quran for Muslims once they find the essence of its contents. Each chapter of this book would serve as a milestone of your success. You deserve to be successful and so pick up this book to have your chance at it.

Nagarajan, Chartered Engineer & Project Management Consultant, graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Arunai College of Engineering, Anna University, and post graduated in Project Management from Alagappa University. Nagarajan hails from an educated middle class family. He was inspired by his own inventions and began writing from his college days. He works around the globe in multi-diversified projects. In this book he shares his secrets of success so that others around the world can benefit from the lessons he learned. His book How to Become a Scientist, helps school and college students discover how they can be inventors for life.



Success at Every Obstacle





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