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Summer of 93

Author Name: Archana Somvanshi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Secrets simmer beneath the laughter of sun-drenched days as the three siblings arrive, their hearts brimming with adventure, in their ancestral village. Whispers of a forgotten aunt, Saraswati, ignite their curiosity, leading them towards Kashinath, a once-brilliant man now haunted by the shadows of 1976.

Beside them stands Janki Devi, a bastion of strength grappling with her own inner demons. As they delve deeper into the labyrinth of their family's history, buried truths erupt like a monsoon tempest, unleashing a torrent of vengeance and demanding a reckoning with the past. In the midst of grief and turmoil, love knows no boundaries but must face the harsh realities of a caste-divided society.

Can they mend the fractures that divide them, safeguard the flickering flame of love, and confront the chilling specters whispering in the night?

Join us on a journey through the depths of love, joy, grief and nostalgia, where the memories of the past flow like rivers, whispering tales of bygone days. Unravel the mystery. Embrace the peril. Dare to step into the Summer of 93.

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Archana Somvanshi

Introducing Archana, a debut author transcending barriers from a small town in India. Despite the odds, she carved her own path, transitioning from rural life to IT ventures and international escapades. Yet, amidst the digital landscape, her true calling emerged: storytelling. During the day, she dedicates herself to her IT career, yet her most treasured role is that of a mother, which infuses her writing with empathy, resilience, and a touch of enchantment. During the night, she weaves tales filled with warmth, mystery, and hints of excitement and exploration. For Archana, storytelling isn't just a passion—it's a bridge connecting hearts across cultures and generations. Step into her world and embark on a journey where every page breathes life and every character echoes the spirit of India.