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Sunglasses and Duct Tape

Author Name: Abhir Suri | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

'Sunglasses and Duct Tape,' is a collection of poems which emanates from the depths of a young adult's mind. Within these verses lies an extraordinary universe, where the unspeakable finds solace in the language of poetry.

With searing honesty and unfiltered passion, each poem becomes a conduit for emotions that transcend the boundaries of mere words. 'Sunglasses and Duct Tape' unveils a world where vulnerability is celebrated and biting truths take centre stage. It explores themes from the labyrinth of young love to misunderstood identities and the resilient spirit of the human soul.These heartfelt verses reveal the poet's unapologetic authenticity, inviting readers to confront their own deepest truths.

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Abhir Suri

Abhir is a 17 year old artist, actor, singer, and writer who is currently pursuing his IB Diploma at Mumbai's prestigious Cathedral and John Connon School. He is known among his friends as a "Grammar Nazi" due to his insistence on speaking in, what he likes to refer to as, "Proper British English." One of his proudest accomplishments is receiving a letter from the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Aside from his artistic pursuits, Abhir is a passionate animal lover and resides in Mumbai with his parents and his dog, Heidi, whom they rescued in 2015. Alongside his love for animals, he is also an avid stamp collector. Abhir is the founder of the NaDi Project, a social initiative dedicated to helping improve the lives of underprivileged children and the elderly in old age homes. Additionally, Abhir has a keen interest in psychology and enjoys exploring the inner workings of the human mind.



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