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Sunil Kewalramani’s “2014: A roadmap for investors”

by Sunil Kewalramani

Format: Hardbound

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About the Book

2014: What lies ahead for stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and real estate?

This book is a vital financial roadmap for investors for 2014. Sunil Kewalramani points out how he expects a steep fall in most global indices over the summer of 2014 followed by a dramatic recovery over the rest of 2014.

Sunil Kewalramani is a professional money manager and has advised and consulted for MNCs, institutional investors, mutual funds, pension funds and high net worth individuals in various parts of the world.

Sunil Kewalramani is an MBA from the Wharton Business School U.S.A, a CPA, Chartered Accountant from India and holds a Master’s Degree in Law and in Accounting from the University of Mumbai.

He is the CEO of Global Money Investor, a professional money management company with over $ 879 Million under management.

He has appeared regularly on Bloomberg, CNBC and ET NOW. He has regularly written in magazines and newspapers throughout the world such as The Economic Times, The Strategic Management Journal, Outlook Money Magazine, Business Standard, The Business Line, Financial Express, Mint and the Financial Chronicle.

Sunil Kewalramani had correctly predicted that the ‘Great Financial Crisis’ shall recede after March 2009. He had also correctly predicted the ‘oil crash of 2009’, the ‘structural bull market in gold in the 2000s’, the ‘crash of silver in May of 2011’, the ‘end of commodity super cycle in May of 2011’, the ‘crash of gold prices in June 2012’ and had foretold the ‘Greek financial crisis in December 2009’ which ended up roiling world financial markets.

Mr Kewalramani has addressed many conferences and addressed renowned management schools and colleges around the world.


Sunil Kewalramani is Chief Investment Officer and Chief Research Strategist of Global Money Investor, a Money Management Company with over $ 965 Million under management.  He advises leading MNCs, Global Mutual Funds, Insurance and Pension Funds.  Kewalramani is a much sought after international speaker and holds Seminars and Corporate Workshops throughout the world.

Sunil Kewalramani is an MBA from the Wharton Business School U.S.A., a CPA, Chartered Accountant from India and holds Master’s Degrees in Law and Accounting.

Sunil Kewalramani in a CNBC interview had correctly predicted that the ‘Great Financial Crisis’ shall recede after March 2009. Kewalramani had foretold the ‘Greek Financial Crisis’ in December 2009.  He correctly predicted ‘Oil Crash of 2008’, ‘Structural Bull market in Gold in the 2000s’, ‘Crash of Silver in May of 2011’, ‘Crash in Gold prices’ in June 2012,  the ‘End of Commodity Super Cycle’ in May of 2011.


Mr Kewalramani had, in his 2016 book correctly predicted Donald Trump to be next President of USA and he predicted a counter-intuitive but strong rally from 27th June 2016 - 11th July 2016 in Global Stocks Post-BREXIT Referendum.  Without knowing about Demonetisation, Kewalramani had in his 2016 book, predicted a fall in Indian Stocks from 9th November 2016 - 27th December 2016—ALMOST ON THE DOT!



Sunil Kewalramani’s “2014: A roadmap for investors”





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