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Tech Teens The Beginning of a Saga

Author Name: Adriana Roy | Format: Paperback | Other Details

Staring at the rusty old frame with a picture of him, his elder brother, and sister; Nathaniel was walking down memory lane; of the day when his sister breathed her last in front of him. That memory was a thorn for them, but the brothers; Nathaniel and Raymond; continued living their normal lives with the happy memories of their sister. 

But; a series of mysterious events started as Ria Walker made a re-entry. First numbness, second visions, and following the visions were clues leading to an old case of children disappearing. Amidst all these events, the family took off sometime to reunite with their Aunt Casandra in South Korea and their father Dave while Italy was calling them for celebrating their 16th birthday.  

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Adriana Roy

Adriana Roy is a fiction/fantasy writer, originally from Mumbai, India. Adriana is a highschooler pursuing her career in psychology and computer science, with the vision that someday she will be able to combine AI with mental health to bring revolution in mental therapy. 

She began giving shape to her thoughts and emotions in the form of drawings and short stories initially. Soon she started transforming her thoughts into characters and brought them to life. Eventually only during COVID time that she started seriously turning these characters into stories.  

When she is not writing, Adriana spends her time reading, studying, and gathering ideas for her stories. Other than writing her book, Adriana also writes short stories and fanfictions. 

Other than writing and reading, Adriana is a big fan of listening to music, her favorite genre is Korean pop. Along with music; Adriana also adores watching series and movies. Adriana is a very social person; she believes her greatest power is that she can make friends very easily; and this power has allowed her to explore many perspectives of life; which became her inspiration while she was writing her book.