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Ten Primary Upanishads Word-for-Word Translation from Sanskrit

Author Name: Janki Parikh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Exquisite Collectible with original Sanskrit text, English transliteration (for those unable to read Sanskrit Devnagri script) and a high-quality exact translation that preserves the purity, integrity and beauty of the original text. Study it over and over, gift it, treasure it for a lifetime!

The Upanishads are the CORE of the Hindu philosophy that has fascinated spiritual seekers all over the world for centuries. They contain the deepest, most startling philosophical concepts known to mankind. They are a must-read for any spiritual seeker, regardless of their culture, nationality or religious beliefs… for anyone who has ever wondered in a philosophical/spiritual sense – Who am I?

Journey into the world of Upanishads… 

This is a journey of self-realization from which there is no turning back…

Paperback 1999

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Janki Parikh

Janki is a Chartered Accountant by education and a passionate Vedanta student, philosopher, spiritual explorer, writer, and poet by vocation. She has lived in India, the US, Singapore and Dubai. Her published works include Sanskrit-to-English translations of 3 Gitas and 10 Primary Upanishads. She intends to keep going...