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That's it. Its all about you…

Author Name: Vidyanag | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Did the book cover attract you? Make you smile? Make you curious? Did it make you think? Did you internally say “oh, no.. not one more book..?

Then you need to read this book.. it is all about these thoughts.

Want to know if the cover and the book content are related? Read on…That’s it.

That’s It, is a quirky compilation of quotes, facts, wit and wisdom, packed into easy-to-digest, bite-sized spreads.

Author’s effort is purely to make you think the unthinkable and reveal your true self to you. It is an eye opener to what you already know, yet don’t know: The ‘Known-Unknown factor’.

This book shows you clearly, how to think and just by thinking how you can get, whatever you aspire.

It is in plain simple easy-to-understand-talking-writing style, which make the book more fun and easy to read.

This book shows you how “thoughts” can become things.

This book shows what is ultimate-self-confidence and ultimate-self-motivation, if you thought you are self-confident, check yourself, are you really con‑ dent or not and if you know that you are not self-confident and think that you cannot achieve what-ever you want to achieve, then this book will reveal the simple secret of how simple it is to be achieve “what-ever” you need. That’s It.


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“The writer has given prescription, tips and steps through various anecdotes, stories & case studies for the aspiring youngsters to understand and emulate the things presented”

– Dr Vishnukanth Chatapalli, Executive Director, Training & Skills Development Corporation, Government of Karnataka State, India.


“The book style is easy to read, easier to grasp, and easiest to come across, for any ordinary person to understand success path and really succeed. Throughout the book it is YOU who is the focused person, than any imaginary personality. Thus, the book is written for YOU. The book has sustained argument, how you are bound to succeed, no matter what you are”.

- Dr. D.A.Biradar, Director,Vice-President-Finance & HR, Makino India Private Limited.


“This wonderful gentleman has now gone on to release his first book that not only gives insight into all the great knowledge that has been imparted to him but also shows you that life is not as complicated as man has made it.

GOD, Money, Success, Life, Love, Happiness…..can all be found in this book…get a copy of this intellectual book now and see how your life changes once the necessary tools are applied in the right way…… THAT’S IT...!!”

-Ms. Kiran Budhrani, Administrative O­fficer, Office of the Mayor, Belize City Council, Belize, Central America