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The Adeventure Of The Palace Of Manner

Author Name: Arsh Bhopatkar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

George and Roger are two boys who are lucky to be chosen by a stffling
called Member - The Sad, who wants to restore a precious stone into his
crown. This precious stone is called the "V Guard Stone" and is hidden at
The Palace Of Manner. Stifflings are folk who are excellent at defending
themselves but care for others' lives more than their own.
On their way to the Palace of Manner, they encounter many challenges,
such as giant things that have no name, stuff that looks like Member’s
house, a gatekeeper who would not let them through unless they cracked
jokes, a river in which one of them almost drowned, escaping a bunch of
spiders, getting imprisoned by ants, going into caves full of webs and many
Join George & Roger as they experience wonders throughout the journey -
The Adventure of The Palace of Manner!

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Arsh Bhopatkar

Arsh Bhopatkar is a 10-year-old young boy who lives in Pune, India with his parents & his sister. He loves reading books & playing football. He is a student of Swadhaa Waldorf Learning Center in Pune. He is an ardent reader & a big fan of J.K. Rowling’s & J.R.R Tolkien’s books. He has an imaginative mind & a unique way with words. His command over the English language is surprising for his age. He understands the nuances of the grammatical constructs & he is always correcting people’s grammar whenever they make even the slightest of mistakes (to the utter irritation of the people he corrects constantly, aka his sister & parents)! 

This is Arsh’s first book. It started as a summer project & he has been consistent about writing it, on his own, for a few months now. As soon as he would complete homework, he would get engrossed in writing the book. He writes with the innocence of a child & the maturity of a writer. He has poured his heart & mind into developing the plots of the adventures & the various characters. His style of writing is fresh & enjoyable.



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