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The Adventures of Anhui: The Lord of the Snow Mountain The Lord of the Snow Mountain

Author Name: SUDHARSHAN S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
In the second book of this series, the action now shifts to the Snowy chain of mountains in Egenthour, the Kingdom of Snow Leopards, ruled by a mighty snow leopard named Ersor. The tale, The Lord of the Snow Mountain, is a story of war, courage, camaraderie, grit and betrayal. When Egenthour is attacked by a race of evil creatures called Uldegs, a terrific war breaks out, with the snow leopards emerging victorious, though suffering heavy casualties. Ernouk, the elder son of Ersor, persuades his father to pact with Anroun, the Lord of Spair, and seek his help in case of a second invasion. But Ersor considers Anroun to be a traitor. Can Ernouk persuade his obdurate father to join forces with the Leopards of Spair? Will Ersor's plans reap a huge reward to nullify the threats of the invaders?
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A postgraduate with an M.Phil in English literature from Pachaiyappa’s College, Sudharshan hails from Chennai. He is fond of reading lost world novels and fantasy fiction. He prefers the works of JRR Tolkien, Rider H. Haggard, CS Lewis and Jack London. Sudharshan is a lover of nature, especially of mountains, rivers and wild beasts of the jungle. He is currently working on the third book of the franchise titled "The Adventures of Anhui." The first part of the franchise, "The Rise of the Fallen Beasts" deals with the events which portray various encounters of terrible animosities and adversaries. While, the second book, ‘The Lord of the Snow Mountain’ depicts the gruesome nature of intense rivalries and dreadful battles.