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The Anime Express

Author Name: Nilshree A Yelulkar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

I feel Animated movies are very underrated! These masterpieces have some real-life learning not only for kids but also for adults. 

Pertaining to COVID-19, screen- time has reached a different level and hence parents have been hesitant to let kids watch movies, as movies require screen exposure at a stretch. Along those lines, I picked up the concept of this book again and thought of publishing it to make summer vacations a treat by reading the stories of movies and acquiring the lessons that they are intended to impart! 

Animated movies have the magical power of shredding some practical thoughts, and sensitive topics gracefully and humorously, making them light as well as thought-provoking. With this book, we intend to do the same! 

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Nilshree A Yelulkar

About Nilshree: An Engineer, A Wife, A Mother, A homemaker, and published Author of 3 books trying to add an EXTRA to her ORDINARY life.

About Paulomi: Paulomi Babre is an 11-year-old, child author. She has many other hobbies apart from writing, such as swimming, painting, calligraphy, being a Youtuber, cooking and baking, coding, and more. She also has her small business called Tassels where she makes and sells bookmarks, wall hangings, magnets, coasters, etc. She was selected as the finalist in a Coding contest hosted by CodeLQ. She has conducted many workshops and classes on COVID-19 pandemic as she believes that little tots can also do miracles. She has written 2 books now (The Village of Manapparai and Super Seven Stories). Her motto is that if She can find her talent and make it her passion why can’t you? Everyone has some inner talent and with a little push, we can make it our interest.  



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