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The Bandit Island

Author Name: Anirban Chatterjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Busy in the adventures of her new world with a magical unicorn and her new love, devoted and affable Bucky neglects the growing distances with her family and friends. Until tragedy strikes. A powerful group of humans will stop at nothing to seek their revenge. Will Bucky give up her adventures to save her family or will the lure of escapades consume her? Where lies true happiness? Alone or with your family? 

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Anirban Chatterjee

Many years ago, I went to live in Tokyo. The first thing the concierge showed me was how to segregate garbage into different coloured bags. In Belgium, I sometimes get angry when my neighbours don’t separate their garbage. Unlike my concierge in Japan, perhaps no one told them about the rules. But I should. Bad behaviour is not always mala-fide. Sometimes people simply don’t know. So, don’t sit back. Do something. Write pamphlets. Take a megaphone and shout out the rules.