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The Compassion A Tale to Awaken Hope and Joy Within Us

Author Name: Debanjan Roy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“The Compassion” is a tale meant to awaken hope and joy within us.

It is a narrative that will make us aware of the Godliness residing at our core. And when we get in touch with that core, our lives get blessed by the light of hope and joy. 

Such arousal of our inherent Divinity within makes us begin to think about the well-being of others, especially those less fortunate than us. The welcome outcome is a spring of generosity that blesses the lives all around.

Here in this tale, the central character Ganesh is moved to empathy by the miserable lot of two children begging on the street…he thus wants to do something to give them a better life. This pursuit, backed by a friend in his inner circle, is vehemently opposed by two others. As a result of such conflict, a stalemate ensues.

It is this situation that marks the entry of the fifth character of the tale: Sir ji. He recounts the difficult lessons he has derived from the tragedy of the accidental death of his only son. 

As a salutary lesson, he strongly urges Ganesh and his friends to always follow the path of compassion and never deviate from the path of generosity since this ephemeral human life is so short.

Hope this awareness also gets conveyed to you, the esteemed readers of this book.  And if you heed this central message and start walking along the path of compassion and benevolence, then the purpose of this book will be met.

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Debanjan Roy

The author likes to write on topics that illuminate our lives with hope and joy. 

His mission in life is to worship Divinity by constantly creating goodness through his writing, and sharing it joyfully with everyone.