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The Diamond Heist A Seven Agent Adventure

by Sai Daksh

Format: Paperback

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Life was all fun and play, with a few small adventures and mishaps, for Daksh, Arsh, Garv, Om, Swarit, Aditi and Simran till…

They are recruited by the Indian Detective Agency.

They are summoned to the headquarters and given a mission – to recover a lost diamond.

With all the plans and props in place, they set forth to hunt down the diamond.

By chance, they stumble upon a conspiracy that is connected to the theft.

Do they succeed in foiling the conspiracy? What happened to the lost diamond?

Sai Daksh Shetty, at the age of eleven, completed the book The Diamond Heist - A Seven Agent Adventure. At the age of six, he had started writing short stories. At the age of eight, he used to draw comic strips and share it with his friends. Although this is his first book, he plans to write a whole series on the 7 Agents. Since early childhood, he has had a very creative mind and uses his imagination in all his activities. He is very interested in all forms of creative arts. He is very open-minded. The main characters of the book have been inspired by his real life friends. Om, Garv, Arsh and Swarit are his best friends and are in the book, while Aditi and Simran are fictional.



The Diamond Heist





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