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The Dog's Collar A Zach A. Quinn Mystery

Author Name: Reyhan Happy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

I might be an ordinary 6th grader from another world (just like you), but don't you think I'm like you in many ways? I know (for a fact) that you have - right after watching a Sherlock Homes movie or reading a Sherlock Holmes book - imagined yourself being the best detective in the world, or even so intellectually smart to be able to solve puzzles involving life and death.

Hey, what about zombies? Have you ever thought you would be able to stop the world from being infested by zombies?

Well, you know what! Zach, me, well I have achieved your dreams that you thought were impossible. Would you like to read 'em?

Follow Zach on his mystery of becoming the hero of his school (along with his friends).

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Reyhan Happy

My name is Reyhan Happy, an 8th-grade student, and I’ll be 14 when you read this. I am from Bengaluru, India. I have been writing this book for about 18 months. I’d have never thought it would reach the publishing stage, but here I am. I expected it to be published, but then, I didn’t understand the difficulties an author has to go through, to publish a book (mainly writer’s block). I love where my inspirations, encouragers, editors, friends, and parents have gotten me and my book. And now I present to you my book - The Dog's Collar, the first book in the Zach A. Quinn Mystery series