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The Exponential Journey of the Heart

Author Name: Hudasha Sulthan Chand | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

How to apply the principles of Intelligent Heart in 7 key arenas of life:

·         To Create a highly satisfying career that is in alignment with their life’s purpose

·         To Develop their intuition and capacity to make better decisions

·         To Feel more connected to Spirit, infinite, God or Source

·         To Surpass their addictions, obsessions and self-imposed limitations

·         To Support others in their personal development and spiritual growth

·         To Experience deeper, more loving and fulfilling affiliations and

·         To Enjoy greater physical, mental and emotional health


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Hudasha Sulthan Chand

Hudasha Sulthan Chand born in India, in a family where traditions and culture marks a symbolic representation of way of living. She fought her way out to be herself .She has done masters and holds diploma in finance and marketing and also an economist with the background of law. Her enthusiasm for life made her what she wants to be in life. Even though the other side of grass looks greener her perception of making the greenery towards your side is what distinguishes her from others. It’s not that she has not seen the highs and lows of life.