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The Forgotten Fort

Author Name: Kripa Devar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Twelve-year-old Pooja has never done anything this crazy in her life – stealing a book, lying or skipping classes – OMG! Who has she become? Pooja is the perfect student, the perfect daughter with the perfect grades. But this is what happens when your parents send you packing to an international boarding school without your permission!

A few years ago a Magic Man told Pooja, “Soon your life will change. The curse of the Age of Darkness will only disappear if you help unravel the mystery inside a hidden temple.”

This is ludicrous! – “How can a 12-year-old save the world, when she can’t even save herself?”

Right now she is facing her own crisis – Firstly, Natalie, the culprit who exiled her from Bangalore, and her crazy, troublesome friend, Reet arrive at her school. Secondly, what mystery is lurking beneath her school – after all it is an ancient fort! Ghosts, vampires or even murderers may be roaming those grounds.

Pooja investigates one night and finds her Deputy Head, Mr Vijay Singh with two British researchers. “Where are they coming from and what secret diary are they talking about?” Is the Universe telling her something when the secret diary literally lands at her feet! When explosives and fireworks go off at the same time, Pooja realises meditation or chanting mantras is not going to solve her problems.

She has to use her magic powers and follow the cryptic codes to find the truth. But can she save the school on time?


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Kripa Devar

Kripa is an insomniac dreamer, who secretly still believes in the mystery and magic of life.

Growing up in a humble home with deeply entrenched cultural values, Kripa enjoyed the freedom of her childhood where communities and friends became her family. She found great joy listening to her father’s bedtime stories of myths and legends of ancient times and shared her own make-belief stories with her siblings, created from her adventurous childhood pranks. As a mother, she loved narrating fantasy stories to her two young daughters.

Having lived in India and the UK, she appreciates the rich history and diversity of both cultures. A teacher by profession with a passion for reading, she has penned her journey through the inspiration of her travels and has finally found her true calling!

The Forgotten Fort is the first book of the series, Legend of the Hidden Temple.

Currently, she lives in Durban, South Africa.