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The Fragrance of Emotions - Volume 1 Ishnoor's Compilation - A Long, Painful, Silent Struggle with Leukemia; Real Life Experiences

Author Name: Ishnoor Kaur Sohal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Our baby girl Ishnoor as the name depicts 'Light of God' had so much light in her shining through her eyes giving glimpse of perfectly pure innocent beautiful soul. While taking her last breathe in our arms she took huge piece of our hearts with her. Although our lives would never be same without her but we are somehow at peace knowing she won't have to sit in closed walls anymore, she won't have to cry anymore, she won't have to live scared if she would make it tonight or not. My fairy my warrior was fighting an already lost battle. But she was strong enough to combat all the obstacles that came her way even when doctors would say “no, this can't be treated”. She would never fail to amuse us with her strong will and positivity. Sometimes I still wonder what made her keep going. We miss her our lives would never be same. She left her memories in every millisecond we live. But life goes on. It takes too much for us to be satisfied but yeah she taught one important thing, "To find happiness in every small thing" We people complain so much but I realized now that she is gone, such a big loss for us, whom should we complain? God? We cannot since being a human we bow in front of him, no matter what. What I mean to say is, I really want to tell you all that we should stop comparing and start living. Stop complaining until and unless that thing is aching your breaths away. Stay calm stay at peace and stay happy. 

May God bless everyone with a happy life.
Devinder, Jasjeet, Harpreet, Ishmeet
The proceeds from this book will go to the ISHNOOR FOUNDATION FOR CARE & SUPPORT
(mentioned in Chapter 2.1). The foundation will support the education, medical treatment and rehabilitation of those in need.


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Sorry, Book is not available for sale.

Ishnoor Kaur Sohal