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The Great Indian Obsession The Untold Story of India's Engineers

Author Name: Adhitya Iyer | Format: Paperback | Genre : Humor | Other Details

"If engineering were a religion, it would be the 5th most populous religion in India."

In India, you become an engineer first and then figure out what you want to do with your life. On 4 October 2014, more than 300 individuals across the globe contributed close to 14,000 AUD and created crowdfunding history. This book became the highest crowdfunded book in India and the 6th highest in Asia. In a nation that is exasperatingly diverse, engineering seems to be one of the biggest obsessions. India produces more engineers annually than twice the population of Iceland.

I set on a backpacking trip across the country to unravel this massive phenomenon at the end of which I lost a camera full of images, but I found a story to tell the world. It is through this journey that I present to you the world's most interesting educational story.

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Adhitya Iyer

In words of The Joker, Adhitya is "A dog chasing cars and doesn't know what to do when he gets hold of one."

Adhitya Iyer completed his engineering degree from Mumbai University, where he studied in an institute interestingly named after Sardar Patel and was inaugurated by Nehru. In his role as the founder of Annanymous, he was listed as one of India's Top 30 student entrepreneurs by the NEN. He later spent 2 years in Bangalore selling chai, before he set out to write this book. He thinks the society needs to be re-imagined and that humans can't be spending more than half their life doing something they seldom enjoy.



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