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The Growing Years An inspirational story of success

by Shabbir Sabuwala

Format: Paperback

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“I accept the challenge!” Rachna said, as she set to prove herself yet again.

The Growing Years is a chronicle about the growth and success of Rachna Vora – an interior designer. It is a narration of her contribution to the growth of the company and eventually how her presence of mind prevents the company from being sabotaged. It takes you on a whirlwind journey of the real life experiences, which will transform your perception of the interior designing industry. It is a story of the industry taught lessons and hands-on learning experiences that Rachna congregated from various projects. And, how she used her experiences to evolve the company’s business model to achieve a new helm of success.

The Growing Years is an inspirational story which every reader will identify with and it will prompt them to “Remember the spark that ignited the fire!”

Shabbir Sabuwala is an architect by profession and an author by passion. His words and poetry won him accolades at the early age of 12. Being a successful entrepreneur and a designer since the last 17 years, he always wanted to share his industry experience and “The Growing Years” became his expression.



The Growing Years





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