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The HRD Almanac

Author Name: Dr Vidhya Srinivasan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

The thinking on Human Resource Development (HRD) practices has been evidenced for the last one and a half decades. However the pace and volume of change has forced HR managers to meet complex challenges like globalization, a diverse workforce and informed expectations for training learning and development. Both organizations and employees benefit from HRD interventions because an organization’s success critically depends on the levels of employee skills and motivation.

The HRD Almanac looks at 4 broad focus areas of HR practices, that are Strategy centric, Organizational alignment related, Employee Empowerment focused, and the Learning Training and Development angle. The authorweaves together 25 detailed chapters spanning the gamut of the HRD function.

The writing is aligned on a uniform pattern providing answers to the What, consisting of Definitions and Descriptions of the theme, Why, Consisting ofConcept Clarifications, Where, therole of the Human Resources department and How, an authentication of data obtained through a pilot study on HR practitioners across industry sectors.

The HRD Almanac is a factual compendium of literature, concepts, organizational experiences, and perceptions on some of the most important HRD efforts and will serve as an appropriate and excellent handbook for young and potential HR functionaries.


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Dr Vidhya Srinivasan

Dr Vidhya Srinivasan has over 36 years of experience in teaching, training, research, consulting, advising and HR interventions across different sectors of the HR domain, as well as leadership roles in the field of HR education.

As an advisor, she has supported organizations in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity Management, and Strategic HR Intervention. As an HR educational leader, she has developed, nurtured and spearheaded the growth of the MSW-HR and the MHRM courses at D. G. Vaishnav College, Chennai.

Dr Vidhya teaches Human Resource Development and Organizational Behavior. In keeping with her passion to build capacities, she has worked aggressively with HR leaders, trainers, skill specialists, and consultants for campus placements, global internships, certifications, industry interface conferences and leadership development, for over 2,000 students over the last three decades.

Vidhyahas a graduate degree in Economics and General Law from the Mumbai University, and did her post-graduation in Social Work. She has a Doctorate in Corporate Social Responsibility from TISS, Mumbai. She has presented research papers in Asia, South America, Australia, the USA, and Africa. Her professional achievements include a Rotary Exchange Award to Canada, a British Council Fellowship and a Tata Trust Scholarship for Business Ethics Research.

She can be reached at drvidhya.srinivasan@gmail.com