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The Hunters of Artemis New world Odyssey series: Book 3

Author Name: Giorgio Groom | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“Honour gets you killed, cunning keeps you alive” 

Hypnos, God of Sleep

Following the events of The Legions of Athena, Maximus and his friends soon find themselves in the lush green forests of ‘Diana’ the country ruled by Artemis the Olympian goddess of the Hunt. But for reasons unknown to them, they are greeted by a less than warm welcome by the famed Hunters of Artemis. 

The forests of Diana not only hosts a variety of dangerous monsters but has also acted as the well tested hunting grounds for Artemis over the centuries. Soon Artemis and her Hunters begin a new hunt with Max and his friends as their prey.


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Giorgio Groom

Giorgio Groom was born on 3rd August 1993 in Kerala, India. Introduced to books at a young age his interest in reading grew along with him. From the crowded streets of Bangalore to the quiet libraries of Oxford, his love for stories has grown with him. Other than reading he spends most of his free time trying exotic cuisines, playing video games and sleeping in strange new places. He also has a soft spot for animals of all shapes and sizes, especially dogs. Being a night owl, he can be found wide awake at the late hours of the night. His fascination with Greek mythology is what drove him to write the ‘New World Odyssey’ series and he hopes to keep writing more books in the years to come.