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The Ideal Pickup Artist

Author Name: Varun Mannava | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Who is a Pickup Artist?

Anyone who can strike up a successful conversation with a perfect stranger casually with confidence is a pickup artist. They may or may not ever meet again.

Who is an Ideal Pickup Artist?

A clear mindset is the ideal mindset. But, how does one achieve the ideal mindset? The most enlightened of thoughts have come from Buddha. Though we are not as intelligent as the Buddha, if we understand his teachings at a macro level, we can realize what an ideal mindset is. If you marry this ideal mindset with my conversation techniques, then you will be an Ideal Pickup Artist!

It’s time to stir up this world! Again!


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Varun Mannava

Varun Mannava self-published his first book in May 2016. His first book titled Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs is part of a rare genre in India. Although there are many books in this genre in western countries, he considers himself lucky enough not to be influenced by those. He came up with his own format based on his life experiences, and he is proud of them both (his life experiences and his first book).

While he was focused mostly on building scenarios for a conversation starter in his first book, he goes one level deeper in this book by learning to become The Ideal Pickup Artist himself. He discovers a social life without any remorse or disappointments. He wants to share his learnings with anyone who either wants to become a pickup artist or already considers themselves one.