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The Journey Through Life in Search of Success A Book That Shows You How To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

Author Name: Dr.(Col) Shaji Panikkar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This book is about a boy who grew up having to struggle for everything, including food and clothing. He faced numerous challenges that would be unfathomable to the average person. He gathered courage and challenged the situation in order to overcome the struggle he was facing. Otherwise, he would have continued to work as a labourer. This book is about a boy who grew up without anything, not even proper food and adequate clothing. But he somehow managed to balance his studies and labour work. He gained the courage to face the challenges in his life and rose to the position of a Class 1 Gazetted Officer and a Commissioned Officer. Dr (Col) Shaji Panikkar was diagnosed with cancer late in his military career and faced it head-on. On the first day, he stated that he would not die of cancer and he overcame all the odds to survive the battle. He is now in good health and says that our belief system should work for us. There will be difficulties, but we must face them. This book will definitely make the readers dig deep within themselves to find what it takes to face and overcome all the hurdles in life. In this book, one can easily understand the benefit of gaining courage and how to face challenges and achieve success.

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Dr.(Col) Shaji Panikkar

The author is a retired army officer, a cancer survivor, and a  self-made man who has faced numerous challenges throughout his life since childhood. He had to take care of his studies and find the resources for his livelihood as a child. Even though no one was there to encourage and support him, he learned from his surroundings. He faced everything head-on and solved all his problems on his own. It would have been impossible for him to advance to the rank of an Army Officer if he had not had a fervent desire to achieve something special in his life. For him, every moment was a challenge. Finally, cancer attacked him. He fought back fiercely and triumphed. He is now a strong and healthy man. The author clearly describes how a normal human being can gain courage and face challenges in life.


He holds a Doctorate in Human Rights and is a permanent member of the World Human Rights Protection Commission. He is confident that this book will help people to succeed in life.                                     



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