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The Journey with My Monk and Beggar

Author Name: Dr. Vissu Paul | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

The journey of my life stayed back in the stage of survival and was not in a position to move on to the stage of success. This stage took me to several destinations in the world in search of solutions to find business success and rejoin my family with happiness in life. I travelled to many places and met several great predictors in life, but it was of no use. Finally, I understood the secret of life’s journey. 

The days that I spent alone gave me a deeper reflection on my mistake and the vast experience of how the journey until now was. When I learned the lesson from the past mistake in my lifestyle, something changed in me and thereby, I started to find success in life. I framed out the repetition of success in my life and today, I made it happen as an entrepreneur in the coaching industry.

The journey to move from nothing to everything began in me when I met those two people who started showing me my Monk and my Beggar within Me, which was the hidden truth in my life. The Journey with My Monk and Beggar will take you into the great realization of the bigger truths and give you the equations of success in any part of life you are into.

Be blessed to be a blessing.

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Dr. Vissu Paul

Dr. Vissu Paul is an Author, a Handwriting Analyst, a Global Career Counsellor from UCLA, a Counsellor from Counsel India, and a Certified Life Coach by well-known coaches around the world. He has been recognized for his service in Humanity Education and Social Work with an Honorary Doctorate Award. With 25 years of experience in the educational industry, he is the founder of Visu Foundation Serving Mysuru by reaching the children of rural areas and bringing out their real Values, Visions, and Virtues, and helping them achieve their dreams. More than 5 years of experience in conducting “Life-Changing Seminars” in schools and colleges, transforming thousands of students, has made him an Incredible Coach and a TEDx Speaker.

Enhanced by his achievements he was commemorated with state-level Dr Puneeth Rajkumar Award for Humanity, Education and Social Work. 

He started his life struggling to earn his livelihood, satisfying his hunger with just a meal a day and spending his valuable days on the streets of Mysuru to earn a livelihood. These experiences have collectively transformed him into a coach today as “REWIRE the real YOU”. His unique style of handwriting analysis and Life Coaching Courses have gained appreciation worldwide including from several individuals in Germany, Israel, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the USA.