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The Legend Of Icarus: A New Generation

Author Name: Jitspeed | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Forget everything you thought you knew about Icarus! Five years after defeating a villain, in this new sequel “ICARUS : A NEW GENERATION” Icarus is itching for a new quest. But this adventure blasts off when a mysterious message reveals a shocking truth: the Omniverse is threatened by... his own best friend, Xzrono! Can you believe it?

Icarus, with his trusty crew (or are they?), zooms through mind-bending dimensions, unlocking awesome powers and making crazy allies (ever heard of a warrior named Bladerman?). But the ultimate foe is a monstrous serpent with enough power to destroy EVERYTHING.

Will Icarus rise to the challenge and become the hero the Omniverse craves? Or will Xzrono's darkness consume them all? This epic battle between good and evil (with a mind-blowing twist!) will leave you breathless. Don't miss out on this action-packed adventure – grab your copy of Icarus and join the fight for the future of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE! 


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Jitspeed, born in 2013, is a rising star in the world of literature. This remarkable young author isn't just about awards and accolades (though he has won many and even been featured in the India Book of Records!). He excels in academics, particularly math and science, and has impressive skills outside the classroom, holding an orange belt in Karate.

But Jitspeed's true strength lies in his character. Kind, compassionate, and generous, he's more than just talented – he's extraordinary.

His debut novel, "The Legend of Icarus - Flight of Destiny: Unveiling the Mythical Odyssey," is a testament to his creativity and imagination. It's the story of an unforgettable adventure, filled with excitement, elements of math and science, and the quest for mastery. Jitspeed doesn't stop there – his follow-up, "The Legend of Icarus: A New Generation," promises another thrilling journey.

Jitspeed's work is a must-read for anyone who enjoys adventure, imagination, and the power of a good story.

Cover illustration by Vidhya Arumugam



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