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The Lemonade Theory A Collection of Poetries, Helping us Find Answers to the Questions We Stopped Asking

Author Name: Gaurav Phatak | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The Lemonade Theory is a collection of my own emotions and experiences during different phases of my life. It navigates to certain depths of vulnerability where we humans seldom dare to venture.

It is an appeal for everyone to enjoy life and the gifts it offers. It suggests collecting little moments which define your personality and having fewer regrets while doing so. You don’t need to convert all the sour lemons into lemonade but accept that sourness as a tolerable taste!

Dare to strike that conversation with yourself, especially the ones that make you vulnerable because that is the area where your raw emotion is presented with complete innocence. That conversation is just going to make acceptance easy and help empathy pave its way to glory.

The Lemonade Theory is vulnerability expressed in words; love, jotted down as emotions, and caged thoughts which are set free. It is a warm hug and a refreshing reason to smile.

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Gaurav Phatak

Dr. Gaurav Shriram Phatak is a dentist by profession but an artist by passion. The Lemonade Theory is his pilot project where he approaches life through poetry. He believes that the meaning of life lies in the small moments where you feel many emotions at one point. This book tries to take the reader on an emotional journey where the protagonists are fear, tears and happiness. The Lemonade Theory is a collection of poems written on prompts, words or emotions suggested to him during the National Poetry Writing Month.

From his early childhood, he has been a spontaneous poet, writing in over 3 languages. He has written poems in English, Hindi and his mother tongue, Marathi. He wrote poems during his school days, his blog through high school and was an actor/director/playwright during his college. He has won awards in elocution, acting and direction while excelling in the field of medicine and dentistry. He shares an equal passion for cooking and is an excellent home chef. Furthermore, he loves music and is trained in Hindustani classical music and plays the harmonium. He is an advocate for mental health and LGBTQIA+. He co-founded a page on Instagram called ‘Hrudayantar’ to spread mental health awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After spending 3 years in clinical practice, he has shifted to the non-clinical part of healthcare. He attended a residency programme in Shillong called the Beachouse Project, and that's where the dream of writing this book turned into reality. Gaurav sees himself as a storyteller where every new day in his life is an exciting chapter. The Lemonade Theory is just the beginning of a new adventure that awaits. He wants to spread love and make everyone smile from the heart. After all, he creates smiles for a living.