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The Little Little Things Character Is the Essence of Life

Author Name: Hoshi D. Bhagwagar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

With today’s hectic lifestyle, parents tend to focus on the academic progress of their children and perhaps do not adequately deal with the overall conduct and development of their children.

With both parents working full-time and traditional joint families being replaced by nuclear families, children are likely to be deprived of basic parental and grandparental care and guidance. The child grows up in the company and influence of neighbors, friends, and caretakers.

This book contains a collection of good thoughts and desirable attributes that need to be sowed in the fertile minds of our children so that they grow to be top-class human beings with strong character. They would then pass on this goodness to future generations.

The Little Little Things also provides insights and inspires youngsters on how they should approach and deal with the opportunities and challenges of personal and professional life.

The book dwells upon the seemingly little little things that actually matter a lot to all of us.


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Hoshi D. Bhagwagar

The author, Hoshi D. Bhagwagar, was born on November 24, 1964, into a Parsi family in Mumbai. He is a Company Secretary by profession. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Law. He has nearly thirty years of corporate experience and has held senior-level positions with reputed companies.

The author’s tough early childhood, where the family struggled to make ends meet, landed his siblings and him in charitable boarding schools meant for the poor at a very tender age.

After the initial difficulties, he soon overcame the hardships of life by observing core values and guidance provided by his parents, siblings and the wonderful neighbours then. He also credits his boarding school – J. N. Petit Technical High School, Pune for providing free of cost all the basic necessities of life such as - education, food, clothing, shelter and sports. The school also instilled in him the discipline and competitive spirit required to face the world.

He believes that what one learns as a child or as a teenager is stored and frozen in one’s heart forever. In view of the context that today’s children and youngsters are placed in and the gradual loss of value system, he decided to, through this book, create awareness and acceptance into the fertile minds of the younger generation of their roles, duties and responsibilities towards the society as a whole. He hopes to inspire the youngsters to walk the path of righteousness and become worthy human beings.