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The Mani-Fcking-Esters A rare but magnificent breed of humans

Author Name: Samir Saha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

The Mani-fcking-esters is a self-help fiction rooted in the ideals of living a holistic life by pursuing and attaining success in all areas of life- Health and fitness, Emotional well-being, Intellectual Life, Relationships, Parenting, Professional life, and Materialistic Cravings. All the techniques and teachings are knitted into an entertaining story to make the self-improvement journey enjoyable for the readers. The essence of the book is well illustrated by the poem below

Once, I was a little lad,
Full of dreams and overjoyed.
Things were simple for my brain,
Like beautiful clouds bringing rain.

While I was growing up into a man,
The world got busy guiding me to a fen.
The rules, they said, were for a better life,
Got me into an endless fight.
They promised an open stage,
Instead, boxed me into a cage.

I kept my faith in the process,
And hoped that it would lead to a bed of roses.
But all I got was a hanging thread.
An endless struggle for butter and bread.
Dreams got less, and joys were hard to find.
The shameless world still advocated their grind.

When I dared to break the shackle,
And chose my own road to travel.
Dreams were back, and life turned simple.
Joys became the theme of my existence,
And life moved without resistance.

A few years down the line,
I am back to being a happy lad,
Again, full of dreams and overjoyed.
Everything is simple for my brain,
Like beautiful clouds bringing rain.

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Samir Saha

“True success is a state of financial freedom where you happily wake up every day healthy and fit, in a world of passion surrounded by love and serenity.”

Samir Saha (42 years) began his professional journey as a telecom engineer, and his experience in this industry spans over 15 years. Samir was born in a small town based in Northern part of India. From age ten to graduation, he hopped from one boarding school to another, continuously sharing life with thousands of other kids. At that tender age, navigating a host of variables was a complex task. To solve the complexities of his little world, he started seeking answers in the school library. Soon, books became his best friend. By the time he approached his late teens, his interests diversified to also include working out and meditating. He also began writing self-help blogs during his mid-twenties, which he had to discontinue when his professional responsibilities increased significantly. The idea for this book came to Samir when the pandemic hit the world in 2020 and realization dawned upon him that every human life comes with a timer. Samir left his corporate job, first to reroute and improve his life, then to invest the next two years of his undivided attention towards writing this book. Samir’s goal as an author is to inspire people to do more with their lives instead of passively letting them unfold at their own pace. The Mani fcking-esters is a summary of Samir’s experiences and learnings from various sources accumulated over the last two decades.

You can connect with author through book’s website or its Insta handle @the_mani_fcking_esters.