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Author Name: P. Jainul Abideen | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Though this book is not a work of comparative theology, it deals with the lower rungs of comparison of a few major religions with empirical aspects. To put it in a nutshell, it demonstrates markedly in a layman’s language, the simple answers to questions on many facets of life that accompany a religious belief. And it also provides answers not only to questions based on rationalistic theories but also to misconstrued concepts about religions based entirely on rituals and traditions that do not in any way contribute to the development of humankind in its entirety. This makes good reading and a beginning for those seeking intellectual and spiritual truths in life.

The Meaningful Religion of Islam is a trigger to soul searching from a charismatic author.

*All proceeds of this book shall go toward educating underprivileged children.*

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P. Jainul Abideen

P Jainul Aabideen a.k.a. PJ has been considered a great gift from the Al-Mighty to the Tamil-speaking Muslims and non-Muslims fraternity in Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India, and the Tamil diaspora all over the world. A versatile speaker, writer, author, orator and a reformer bent upon bringing changes in the Muslim community at present buried in ignorance and illiteracy of their religion.  He has authored around 90 books explaining the various aspects of true Islam, i.e., ‘monotheism’ as a way of life for a peaceful co-existing world. He also has to his credit of presenting hundreds of lectures, thousands of articles, and QA sessions on Islam in the local Tamil dialect. He is one of the topmost Islamic scholars of the 21st century in the world ready to answer questions on Islam, at the same time, challenging archaic and defunct old school of thought conceptions. He has been carrying on this service for the past four decades and has been targeted physically, verbally, and psychologically by infidels, hypocrites, slanderous enemies of the Tawheed (monotheism) concept, etc.