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The Missing Happiness in Software and IT Professionals

by C.S.Raju

Format: Paperback

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The logic says that with modern science and technology people must be more happy and healthy. The paradox is that only the converse is true. The present day professionals are only keen on Standard of Living. People simply do not seem to bother for Quality of Living.

The health is deteriorating and happiness is dwindling at a rapid rate. It is a high time for a wakeup call. This book initially deals with why people are not happy and gives various causes of unhappiness. The later sections give glimpses of how to tune the mind to taste Happiness and various Happiness Boosters.

Since Health is the Prime Mover of Happiness, ample illustrations have been given. The book also encompasses character which is most important for lasting Happiness. The last part of the book deals with how to Live Life on a higher Plane.

The whole book is with illustrations and down to earth points which will help in transforming the life.

Dr. C.S.Raju is an engineer turned Trainer. He is former General Manager of the giant public sector organization namely Neyveli Lignite Corporation.

He is a popular author with 25 books to his credit so far. His star training programmes are ‘Stress and lifestyle management’ and ‘A dozen secrets of Happiness’ apart from ‘Celebrating and rejoicing retired life’.



The Missing Happiness in Software and IT Professionals





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