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THE NATURE KIDS : JUNGLE & JINGLE Vibrant Picture book with short poems and stories.

Author Name: NatureBella | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details
Your dreams are your adventures and the author wants you to go on a ride with her. Naturebella is known for her quirky ways to live her life indoor and outdoors. The picture book with short poetry tells you a story that you will feel part of, whatever age you might be 8 or 80. From the coffee house to tree house, talking rabbit to the bright unicorns , you have a party in a book. You're WELCOME ! The intricate details in each picture that were hand painted with crayons, brush pens and classic pencil colours. Use a magnifying glass to enhance your ' worldview' and sing along the song.
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Naturebella is a research scholar working on mathematics of Universe, a short storywriter, poetess and mixed media artist who's currently working on her new adventure of setting up an art gallery of her own.The 3D art on canvas and other substrates, she enjoys telling stories in unique ways. The picture book is one of her dear projects that she always wanted to do for children around the world. She feels it is important to find ways to express your emotions in some form of energy ; words or action and sometimes both. She's famous with children as she blends in well and yet the community of adult brain seek her precious attention and artistic guidance. This book, she feels is a good spectrum of facts and fantasies that will help kids for a strong understanding of things usually left unsaid and give a chance to bond with their parents. A beautiful unique gift for children of today , away from the screen of the phone to pages of the book that's anything but boring. Love NATUREBELLA