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The Never Ending Trail

Author Name: Sharen & Sharvan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

“But, only when the walls of fear guarding the alley to the shadows of the dark are destroyed, can we get a perfect picture of life.”

In The Never Ending Trail, we not only follow the trail of life, and the trail that great men and women have left for us to learn from, but also explore beyond infinity.

There are four words to explain this book ­– The paradox of life. Breaking this paradox, we have aimed every chapter at bringing in you a self-awakening, a self-realisation, and not just a motivational and positive spirit, but a tinge of attitude.

What is the purpose of your life? Think? Nothing! We humans have developed over the years, this tendency to swim with the tide, to run along with the crowd, not knowing why we are running or where we are running to but we're still running; blinded by our perception of life. Blindfolded by society!

To the Man, Woman or Child holding this book reading these words right now, we say, get ready! You and I together, are going to bring in a revolution in The Paradox of Life.

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Sharen & Sharvan

Sharen is an inspiring character by nature. A young entrepreneur hailing from the Queen of Hills, Ooty, located along the Western Ghats of India. A research scientist by profession, he never fails to wow the common teenager by prodigious levels of achievement at this young age. A passionate dancer, speaker, scribble artist and a tech geek, he always experiments himself in new things he comes across and his efforts have never failed to bring him satisfactory success at least. And so his talent for words that excite, educate and persuade all at once has made him write a thoughtful book. And he quotes by saying,

"The contemporary situation of man deals with a million desires and zero efforts; this makes his incapable to achieve any of his dreams."

Sharvan is a young and dynamic personality. He was born and brought up and still resides in the Western Ghats in the quaint town of Conoor. Being a robust orator, he never fails to enthrall his audience with his power of speech. A student by profession, he takes up writing, reading, and photography and also loves adventure expeditions. He aspires to be a world renowned entrepreneur someday. And he quotes by saying,

“We humans are a funny lot; we strive to talk to extraterrestrial life, but struggle to exchange civilities with our neighbors.”



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