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The Ox Master

Author Name: James Ted | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Ngacida opposes unity of South Sudan with Sudan because he believed that Arabs are gadabout people with a grim language that would not be understood or learned properly. He fears that unity with Arabs will discourage teaching of English language and encourage their civilization. He opposes unity of the people by opting to train young men in ox ploughing.

Jabbari from Arab tribe heard about Ngacida and travels to South Sudan from Mujlad city in Kordofan along with his companions with a pious aim of coming to make unity of the people. He believes that the country would be easily united into one but skin color, underdevelopment of South Sudan as well as carnage carried out by the imperial soldiers hinders his proposal for unity. After grasping failure in his proposal, he travels to Nyaga village to establish Arabic schools because he felt that it would be easy for him to expand his unionist ideas using the language which he would teach himself. Ngacida stood up and opposed this and any formal education system by encouraging young men of Nyaga village to become cattle keepers and use bulls for farming which he calls community education system where every man goes to the farm on a communal basis which they called kutkut in Dinka. He mobilized young men from attending formal education system through his friend his majesty's chief Ngueng who was later elected as a community leader after defeating commander Yak in a very tied traditional election. Jabbari grew annoyed because of this development resulting into strife and discord between the two sides. Imperial soldiers went to the side of Jabbari while those of John Igga, Capt. Paul and Sergeant Deng went along side Ngacida and caused unbearable conflict in the country. 

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James Ted

James Ted was born in Rumbek during the third year of South Sudan civil war that vented up in 1983. He went to school in Dhiaukuei Primary in the 1990s. After completing his primary school in what was known by then as the bush schools, he went to Rumbek Secondary School in 1999 where he completed his studies and subsequently went to Uganda for his further studies in 2003. Not to end there, James Ted further did his bachelor’s degree (General Management) and Master’s degree (Supply Chain Management) at the famous Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati, India from 2011 to 2018.

In November 2019, he picked interest furthering his studies in another field where he did MA in Peace & Development Studies from University of Juba in 2021. Prior to this, James was employed by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2009 and resigned later in 2010 to go for his studies. He is now working with International Organizations in community development.