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The Path of Sukshmaloka

Author Name: Nihar Bhonsule | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

3102 BC

Evil forces are everywhere! Existence itself has fallen prey to an imbalance!

In this chaos, the Dharmayodhas use their boons to guard existence. Harshwardhana, the leader, believes they will win…

Until he falls upon a sinister secret of the dark forces.

Centuries later… 

Prithvi Sen is a regular college-going boy. His growth from childhood to adulthood has been plagued by an uncanny disease. 

Although medicines have it under control, Prithvi feels that the illness hasn’t revealed its truest nature yet. 

During his existential crisis, a drastic series of events occur and bring the most unexpected twist into his life. Could there be a link between Prithvi and the Dharmayodhas?

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Nihar Bhonsule

Nihar Bhonsule lives in Mumbai. He enjoys reading various genres like horror, fantasy, crime and thriller. He has spent years of his life in coffee shops and libraries reading through the epic Mahabharata and decoding the various metaphors to discover the deeper philosophy and way of life embedded in the text. He finds contentment in the simplest things like laying in the warm sunlight on a cold day and experiencing petrichor of the initial monsoon. He is a fan of stories that use rich symbolism as a means to probe readers into deeper thought and reasoning.