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The Power Of Awakened Mind Discover Your Spiritual Hero

Author Name: Neeraj Rai | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Do you know that there is a spiritual Super Hero hidden within you? But unknowingly we imprison our Super Hero? The Power of Awakened Mind is a brilliantly crafted powerful guide to eliminate the identity blocks and develop the Higher Mind having miraculous powers. It introduces unexplored dimensions of Higher Mind which connects to Cosmic Intelligence and also presents a simple step-by-step guide to harness its powers to live an expanded and heroic life. This book will enable you to discover:

 How to eliminate identity blocks and awaken your spiritual Super Hero 

 Why people do not find joy in life despite achieving money, power and fame 

 How to find the source of peace and joy within

 How to attract incredible growth and live a purposeful life 

This is a well-crafted  treatise on the little known miraculous powers of human mind to realize the inner potential and elevate the person to a super hero in thoughts, words, and deeds. An admirable creative piece.

-        Dr. KRS Nair, author of 'Boundless Power Of Mindful Living' & 'Incredible Word Power-A Unique Human Endowment'- Amazon best sellers.

The Power of Awakened Mind comprehensively covers various aspects of the mind to discover its limitless power. The author clearly shows the path to transform oneself from living an average life to live an awakened life of joy and fulfilment.

-        Suresh K. Govind, author of ‘Conquer Your Beliefs’

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Neeraj Rai

Neeraj Rai is an avid reader and learner. By profession, he is in government service. He was born in a farmer family in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. Since the early stage of his life, questions such as what is the purpose of life? Why he has come into this world? What is the deeper meaning of his life? etc started bothering him but he could not find any answer. He tried to search it in various theories of Science and Philosophy but all went in vain. His inner struggle and search for the truth ultimately led him to the spiritual path and at the age of 32, he started his pursuit of spirituality. During his strive and struggle, one day he encountered a very strange experience. In the state of meditation, he lost his sense of “I”. He experienced that “I” was just a deep-rooted thought which was disappeared. He was observing his own thoughts and feelings as a distant and independent observer and there was no reference point as an individual “I”. That was a very liberating and insightful experience which transformed his life. He realized that self-identity is just an illusion which enslaves and keeps human beings imprisoned in a false sense of fear and limitations. He discovered that there is an identity-free superhero hidden within every human being who has no fear and knows no limits. He considers life as a precious gift of God and believes in exploring avenues of life, again and again, to live it to its full potential. Apart from his deep interests in spirituality and meditation, he also loves nature, adventure, photography and long drives.




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