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The Power of Thoughts & Visualization A Deep Dive to Unlock Your Infinite Potential for Success, Happiness, Health, Abundance and Inner Peace

Author Name: Deepak Devaraj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Thoughts form the major activity in the minds of the people. Each thought has the potential to trigger one or more emotions.

The nature of the emotions is decided by how the mind of a person perceives an incoming thought.

Human beings have the power to transform thoughts in the manner that they need them to achieve their goals and desires.

- Do you know that your present moment is the result of all the thoughts that you had been maintaining in your past ?

- Do you know that your future depends on the thoughts that you maintain in your present moment ?- 

If you agree to the above 2 questions, do you wish to know some techniques that can help you to maintain positive thoughts for a better tomorrow ?

If yes, then you have chosen the right Book.

Even if your answer is No to the above questions, this book would enlighten you with new information that you certainly do not want to miss.

In this Book we would be discussing on various ways on how we can control our thoughts and transform them the way we want to achieve success, health, happiness, abundance and prosperity.

We would also be looking into the Power of Visualization to train our mind to manifest our goals and desires.

Some of the interesting topics that we would be discussing in this book is about Meditation, Mindfulness, Energy Healing, Visualization Secrets, Mirror Technique, NLP Techniques and many more.

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Deepak Devaraj

I'm Deepak Devaraj from Kochi, India.

I'm a Software Professional with around 15 years of experience.

My family members include myself, my wife, my 4-year-old daughter, and my parents.

Apart from my Software background, I'm also a practitioner of Personal, Holistic, and Life Skills Development for more than 12 years.

In Jan 2021, I have published my Book called Unlimited Energy which became a Best Seller in,, and

In this book, you can find various Holistic techniques like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Affirmation, Visualization, Grounding, Gratitude, Forgiveness, etc.

All the above techniques are very powerful indeed and I have seen positive results in my life.
I'm now on a mission to spread positivity, success, happiness, health, abundance, and prosperity to the lives of many people.



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