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The Protectors and the Alien Invasion

Author Name: Adharsh Ramanathan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Two boys, on their first day of school, follow their close friend that leads to a life time adventure involving an alien attack. The story starts in the ground behind the school and deals with the kids’ journey to unravel the hidden secret about an unknown alien invasion. What started as fun, leads to a responsible act of bravery and adventure. Rahul, a curious and adventurous boy ready to take on any challenges supported by Sanjay, a creative boy and an artist by passion and John, an enigmatic and secretive boy together take a series of actions and reach the ISRO for the final help. Will the ISRO Help? Will they be successful in averting an alien Invasion? Will they be able to thwart the robbers? Read on to experience the incredible and exciting journey.


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Adharsh Ramanathan

Adharsh is an 11-year-old boy staying in Mumbai, India. He is an optimistic and vibrant child who loves to read and enjoys music. Adharsh spends his pastime between playing cricket and enjoying his key board. He is a creative and fun loving child and like any other boy of his age, picks up small fights with his kid sister Akshara. 

Adharsh is very much interested in space study and wants to serve the ISRO in future. He also wants to take up cricket as his career. Multi-tasking at its best!!

This is Adharsh’s first book. He is an upcoming author with a vivid imagination.

Adharsh can be reached at