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The Rationale for Re-Structuring Vocational Education in India

by Tilak Kumar Sharma

Format: Paperback

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The intention of this book is to probe into a critical pedagogy of career education as a vital means to enhance vocationalization in an authentic sense. The book basically focuses on the need to re-structure the system and proposes the use of productive learning as a foundation for a well-rounded education that breaks down the dreadfully despicable dualisms of contemporary education, that is, the separation of theory from practice, individuals from collectivity and schools from community.

It also aims at exposing students to three viable requirements:

-the need for effective acquisition of skills

-a critical pedagogy of occupational demands and

-proper understanding of the potential resources for community development and prosperity.

The implication is that creative activities – productive behavior – should move away from the single priority of economic advancement and profit toward the integration of developmental objectives for social and economic enlistment and effective mobilization.

Dr Tilak Sharma MA (double), MEd, MPhil (double), PGDTE (EFLU), CELTA (Cambridge ESOL) is basically an ELT professional. He has worked as a teacher trainer in a Government BEd College in Assam for over two decades. Teacher support was a mandatory part of the job along with supervising classroom performance of teachers and giving them required feedback. He’s currently working in the capacity of a Dean at the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya. With more than three decades of teaching and training experience at his credit, he has conducted national and international workshops on ELT, Career Education and Human Rights Education for generating awareness among school teachers and students in Kolkata, Bhopal, Nagpur and Mumbai. He has conducted communicative English and Personality Development Course in different ITIs and other technical and vocational institutes from 2010 to 2013 during which the idea to write something on Technical and Vocational Education emerged. And the result is the publication of The Rationale for Re-structuring of Vocational Education in India.



The Rationale for Re-Structuring Vocational Education in India





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