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The Rise of ELF Electromagnetic Attack Weapons and the Necessity of the Development of Corresponding ELF Defend Systems Light contains the key to open the doors to Heaven. Unfortunately, the same key fits on the doors to Hell

Author Name: Wim Vegt | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details
he original idea that electromagnetic waves propagate in every direction with the same universal constant, the speed of light, corresponds with Maxwell's Theory of Electrodynamics in 1865. With the introduction of the Laser it became clear that it is also possible to emit a beam of light in one single direction while the speed of light in the directions perpendicular to the direction of propagation equals zero. In general, the laser frequencies are so high that the Laser radiation will not be harmful for the human brains and organs. Recent developments however demonstrate that it is very likely that Eastern countries like China and Russia are already doing experiments with Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) Masers. The fundamental principle on which Lasers and Masers are operating is the Phenomenon of Resonance. The fundamental Condition for Resonance is that the dimensions of the cavity are at least the dimension of the wave length. The wavelength of a frequency of 2.000 [Hz] equals 150 [km]. This means that to build an ELF Maser for a radio frequency of 2.000 [Hz] a resonance cavity is needed with the dimensions of at least 150 [km] which is about five times the size of New York.
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Wim Vegt

Wim Vegt graduated in 1973 his study Electro Techniques at the Polytechnics in the Hague in the Netherlands and was during that time chief editor of the alternative School Journal "Eksist". Afterwards he studied Technical Physics at the Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands where he graduated in 1988. During that period he became part of the editorial board of the alternative University Journal Magenta. During his study Physics he was deeply motivated by the original way of thinking of Albert Einstein and his ideas about the 4-dimensional Space-Time Continuum and his ideas about Light. After his graduation in he was involved in teaching and research. He published in several scientific journals like "Physics Essays" and the French journal “Les Annales de Louis de Broglie". His field of expertise was light and he spend his life on the research to find the secrets behind light and the impact on modern physics like quantum mechanics.