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The Role of the Indian Ocean for Global Peace – Interdisciplinary Issues

Author Name: Dr. (Capt.) Vivek Jain | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

In times of unstable Geo-political Flux…

This book deals with the various interdisciplinary issues of the Indian Ocean, individually and collectively, such as its history, geography, nautical elements, economics, trade routes (old and new), blue economy, deep-sea mining, fisheries management, tourism, scourge of piracy, pollution, Law of the Sea (UNCLOS 1982), and the different perspectives of its littoral countries on geopolitics, international law, international relations and maritime partnerships. 

It is the most important ocean in the world – 33% of the global population lives in the area and 50-60% of the world’s maritime trade transits through it. In addition, around 60% of global oil, and 26% of global gas reserves, along with pristine beaches are located here. 

To comprehend the interdisciplinary issues, the editor embarked on a voyage to discover, persuade and collaborate with exceptionally brilliant, influential experts from prominent littoral countries – India, Indonesia, Iran, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore – with relevant experience to expound the above subject areas.

In addition, geopolitical conflicts/hostilities and trade wars are on the rise; war seems inevitable but not imminent. Any conflict is likely to originate in other oceans and seas but will end up impacting the Indian Ocean’s littoral countries. Accordingly, these countries must comprehend the interdisciplinary issues and the special role of the Indian Ocean to prevent all-encompassing wars/hostilities from widening at a global level and thereafter must flesh out plans to shield themselves. They must also understand the area’s role in working towards global peace by comprehending the above interdisciplinary issues.

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Dr. (Capt.) Vivek Jain

Dr., Capt. Vivek Jain is a Master Mariner, Barrister (England & Wales) and has PhD (International  Law) (China). He is an alumnus of prestigious TS Rajendra, College of Nautical Science (India) and has pursued LLB (Hons.), LLM (Maritime Law), BVC from London, MBA(Norway), B.Sc. (N.Sc.) (India), PGCE (Compliance) (Singapore).



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