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The Rules of Being Highly Skillful

Author Name: Deepak Gupta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Good among goods is ordinary and best among the best is extraordinary. Everyone wants to make money while sleeping, but there's no good sleep without working.

The Rules of Being Highly Skillful isn't the book but the rollercoaster where you will learn the following skills what I have been learning since childhood:

1. The Mind Emptiness: Why Skills are Significant!

2. Understanding, You Don't Want What You Want!

3. The Game of Memories: Mind Attention and Consciousness!

4. The Compounding Effects of Mistakes

5. The Slow Progress of Skills

6. Recognizing What everyone else is missing!

7. The Disturbing Elements in your Work!

8. The Significance of Wandering and Wondering!

9. 3 E's Rule: Eliminate, Essential, Execute

10. Strategy to Reduce Competition

11. Make Money While Sleeping but?

12. The Loop of Solving Problems

13. How to Build Skills on Internet

14. What Hinders Our Skills Development

15. The Significance of Dissatisfaction

16. The Impossibility of Skills

17. Enhancing Everyday Routine

18. The Stages in Skill Development

19. Avoid Multitasking! Why!

20. Brainstorming Skills

21. The Core of Discipline

22. Making Subconscious Skills Conscious

23. Exercising & Implementation of Rules!

Practice doesn't make perfect if you're not interested in that. No one remembers how afraid you are; they remember how much courage you have. Falling from the cliff and jumping from the cliff, both have the difference of fear and courage, respectively.

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Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta is pre-eminently known for writing plain sailing, meticulous, and pragmatic Self-Help books. He’s the author of more than forty books including 10 Principles to Beat Failure, 10 Principles to Love Yourself, and How to Heal Yourself. He has been garnering much acclaim for his 30 Minutes Read & 10 Principles Series. He loves to observe, absorb, and write on various social issues, inspirational truthful words, short stories, and heart whelming poetry. He releases new short books every month to get readers to connect with the truth of life.

Also, when he’s not writing, he can be found wandering on his exquisite terrace garden. He lives with his family in Delhi, India.



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