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The Scalpel Writes A Personal Journey

Author Name: ABEL W K ARUMUGAM | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Abel Arumugam has been a General Surgeon for about 40 years, working in and around Malaysia.

In this book he has chronicled his life’s journey in different chapters. It tells of his failures and successes with honesty and candour. It has been a labour of love that he hopes you will enjoy reading.

Reviewes :

“Dr. Arumugams’s scalpel is indeed sharp, but not as sharp as his wit, and unlike the unforgiving finality of a surgical “slice”, his slice of humour brings chuckles always, guffaws sometimes, and rarely death threats from the   Subject of his jokes. But then…… he has the scalpel for his defence!”

Prof Alka Sinha Ganesh
Professor of Medicine
Christian Medical College, Vellore , India


Reading Abel Arumugam’s personal  journey in ‘The Scalpel Writes’, one is reminded of Dorothy Springs’s quotation “ Life is like a camera -  just focus on what’s important , capture the good times, develop from negatives and if things don’t work out just take another shot”.

Abel is jovial, carefree and fun loving and his focus in life is his family, numerous close friends and his surgical career. The ‘snap shots’ capture the good times in all these and his narratives are portrayed in fun, immense love and with enthusiasm. No mention of any negatives to develop from and he does not say what he did if things did not work out – I suppose, as usual, he just ordered another shot!!

Dr Preman Jeyaratnam 
Consultant Anaesthetist 
Stoke on Trent 
United Kingdom

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Abel Arumugam has been a General Surgeon for about 40 years, working in and around Malaysia.