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The Scribbled Stygian Lanes

Author Name: Nilanjasha Howlader | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

THE SCRIBBLED STYGIAN LANES is an open book that talks about the creative thoughts of different Co-authors. Every writer has penned their own thoughts, experiences based on real life situations. This book isn’t to harm anyone’s experiences or thoughts of any individual. This is all about penning down the realistic tales of life . We just shared our experiences through inking. The Co-authors in this book are scribbling their experiences, thoughts and trying to manifest as much as they can. Anything in this book is not merely to offend anyone’s thought. Every writer is a majestic writer who paints her canvas with words and alphabets .Every human has their own way of captioning the world and it is a work of a writer to capture those captions and pen them down. When a writer writes, he/she not only write his/her heart out but write about a million hearts. A writer is the one who actually keep the all the pains of the world in that single some heart. She is the one who can actually create scenes which can be related to this materialistic world. The book talks about different subjects which are ready to embrace your soul ,heart and mind and at the same time the book convey a message that every tale of life should be celebrated with grace because life is too short to be emaciated . Our motive was to create a different world and manifest as much as we can. This world is a shattered place where it is getting hard to live day by day.

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Nilanjasha Howlader

She is a teen of 16.She is from Kolkata, India. She is a beautiful blooming writer and a Compiler too . Till now she had compiled four anthologies i.e. Unsung Tales Estoric Minds, Scribbled Stygian Lanes and Midnight Anecdotes . She had worked in more than 100+ anthologies as a Co-author. Apart from writing ,she is also a painter and she tries to paint her fantasies and tries to exaggerate her thoughts on her canvas. She had been trained in classical music and Bharatanatyam. She also has huge interest in sports, she was also trained in Lawn tennis . She spends her leisure time in reading books and she is a movie worm too. She loves to travel and explore new places . Apart from all these, she is a student of class 12th and currently preparing for her competitive exams. She aspires to become a neurosurgeon and above all a good human being first. Last but not the least she tells about her family. She feels she is incomplete without her family which comprises of her parents, grandparents and her sister. She wants to thank them and she is grateful to them for providing her such a great beautiful life. She wants to thank her buddies who always cheered her up and made her feel that she deserved everything.