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The Secret of Tomorrow

by Jahnavi Chowdary

Format: Paperback

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Neethu is a typical dad's princess, who would never settle for something less. She couldn't help being drawn to Siddharth, a charming guy. While she thinks everything was going good, she faces various twists and turns that come unannounced and shatters her.

This is a test to love and friendship when their beloved one's life is threatened. The story depicts how Kunal, her enduring friend, stood by her side through all odds. To add complications to the chaos, enters the sweet Tanvi who refuses to back off.

A journey of emotions, offering ingenious suspense with exquisite breakthroughs that reveals The Secret of Tomorrow.

Jahnavi Chowdary is a medical student at NMC, Nellore who is passionate about writing. It's her sharp observations and ability to understand people and their perspectives that had added colors to the characters in her debut novel The Secret of Tomorrow - a romantic thriller. She has always engaged herself in serving people in her vicinity and has even managed to organize small scale events for children in need. She is an avid reader, who analyses everything she reads, which has acted as stepping stone for her skills of imagination.



The Secret of Tomorrow





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