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The Snake Crucified Legend of an Exorcist

by MP Baby

Format: Paperback

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Can Davis Jacob succeed in his task of finding the answers to his life’s most distressing questions: Who killed his father? Why was he killed? Well, motivated by his doctor lady love, he is determinedto brace himself for more uncertainties and the horrendous eventual outcome.

In the ancient village of Karuvankode, among the members of his own rudderless tribe, which leads a degraded and sinful life, Davis and Nisha wanderquite clueless to reach the bottom of the mystery.

When the dazzling light of their relentless effort is finally focused on the much awaited truth, it shows a perverted Catholic priest and a pristine exorcist, who always focuses onhow he canbe more helpful to all who need solutions.

MP Baby was born in an obscure village in the district of Kannur, North Malabar, Kerala.

Though he was an avid reader of the pulp fiction abundantly available through Kottayam-based magazines, he was later baptized into serious reading with the help of his high school English teacher.

He is a post graduate in English Language and Literature from Calicut University. He took up teaching as his profession and claims to have a large number of students, many of whom have become highly successful in their professional life. He considers J Krishnamurthy, OshoRajnish and Saint Augustine as the base for his thoughts and spirituality.

He is an uncompromising film buff, diehard fan of Yesudas and MD Ramanathan and always stands surprised at Latin American writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Octavio Pas.



The Snake Crucified





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