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The Space Heroes Beyond Superpower Book 5

Author Name: Swapnil Saurya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Swapnil Hiralal was an eighteen years old student living in a normal life with his father. He was studying in Pune After that, Swapnil went to a mysterious place with his teacher and twelve friends Mr. Manish, Soumya Juhi, Prachit, Noaiz, and Priya. There, he comes to know he is Arco Dragonja the son of a wizard and he was born to face the main villain Sam. He came to know that his brother is alive. For the fight with the evil Sam, Swapnil hid his identity and became Beyond Boy

Sam, as you know him, who was escape through the black stone. He has divided himself into many pieces. After destroying Sam’s two parts Spiderox the giant spider and Lela the vampire, Swapnil felt down from the height of the sky of 2000 ft. Out of blue, Sukh, a time traveller saved Swapnil, Swapnil safely went into the future.

Swapnil teamed up with Sagar as Arangg, Rahul as Agreeboy and Magician Sage as his brother Adawait to fight with Sam’s next part Wolvesokolo the wolf. Adawait comes to know that Sukh is the real killer of their parents. After that, they went to the magical island and another side Sukh and Spaceboy were with Wolvesokolo. Wolvesokolo was inside the cage.

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Swapnil Saurya

Swapnil Saurya was born in Madhubani, Bihar on 21 September 1994, later he shifted to Goa at the age of eight for study. Swapnil Saurya wrote his first story at the age of ten which was published in the newspaper. His first book Beyond Mysteries was released in August 2013 by Manohar Parrikar (Chief Minister of Goa). He is the author of three series. He is working on his next series which is titled “Beyond Superpower”. Swapnil Saurya is also making a comic that is published after this series. He is now working on his next book as titled “Into the Future” which is released next year. He is happily living with his family.