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The Strange Reality

Author Name: Monica Sahu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“He finds himself running, hard and fast, across a long corridor with no exits to be found. No matter how hard he tries, none of the doors seems to open, until he finds one door that is left ajar. A steady stream of some dark stinking liquid that is pouring out of the doorway makes a squeaking slippery noise as he steps on it. The barely lit corridor makes it hard for him to recognize anything clearly. He takes a deep breath and lets the stinking air fill his suffocated lungs before walking in.”

A man wakes up in the middle of nowhere and is struggling to find his way back home. He soon stumbles onto an old and rundown town where bizarre things start happening to him. Can he trust anyone in this town, including himself?

The Strange Reality helps you dive into his thoughts, memories and experiences.

Does he ultimately find his way back home? Now that's for you to discover. Happy reading!

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Monica Sahu

Monica Sahu is a Banker turned Writer. After her Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Administration and her time in the World of Finance, she found her artistic passion in content creation. Her social media presence mainly focuses on Body Positivity, Fitness, Sustainability, Realism, Ethical Marketing and Tech Trends. She has been featured on multiple media platforms including major national and international print media for advocating Body Positive Fitness and Breaking Body Stereotypes. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and exploring different forms of artistic expression.

Instagram: @monica25101990

Twitter: @monica25101990

Twitter: @monicas2510




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