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The Sunkissed Soul A Girl's Quest to Be a Mountaineer

by Trupti Bhosale

Format: Paperback

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The dream of becoming a mountaineer glittered in the eyes of this simple and ambitious girl hailing from the ghats of Sahyadris. It had always been her wish to scale peaks in the Himalayas; her soul fuelled by the stories of the great mountaineers she had heard.

Years pass and she finally finds a way when her seat gets confirmed for the Basic Mountaineering Course at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. The next twenty-eight days will change it all. Now she can create her own story as the gates of new adventures are about to open.

This athlete woke up to train at the break of the dawn each day for years and put in a lot of effort to stay fit. However, it is different with the mountains; they are tough and harsh. They accept and love you back after they test you. Tough times, cries and seldom laughs shape her days and she gives her best. But is that enough? Will she complete the training with flying colors or will she head back home? Will the mountains be a little kind towards her?

Let us see our lass venture into the professional mountaineering world. The world changes; so will she…

When Trupti Bhosale is not being an athlete and fitness enthusiast, she works as a software engineer for an IT giant in Pune. She has played basketball at district, state and corporate levels before switching to running, cycling and swimming. She has successfully completed the Manali-Leh-Khardugla cycling expedition. Currently, she is into ultra-running and holds the record of being the first Indian woman to finish the 101-km race in Run the Rann, Dholavira, Gujrat. She is an avid solo traveller and writes travelogues on her website. She has scaled Scafell Pike (highest peak of England), Ben Nevis (highest peak of UK), led trekking groups in the Sahyadris and hiked extensively in the Himalayas.



The Sunkissed Soul





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