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The Things Which Must Take Place Soon An analysis of the prophecies relating to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Author Name: Paul James | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

This book is an analysis of the prophecies about the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ given in the Holy Bible. The author has analyzed them with the context of historical facts and modern-day happenings in an attempt to reason that the prophecies are being fulfilled.

The narrative is not from an academic but an intellectual perspective, discussing a very important topic while navigating through various viewpoints put forth by Scholars and Bible Leaders. It puts forward a strong case in favour of the Second Coming.

In the current context of Covid-19 and its variant wreaking havoc in the world and the economic upheavals experienced, the book also provides hope in saying that even at the last moment, if one calls to the Lord, they will be saved. He tries to instil trust in the infinite love of the Lord in the readers, despite all the happenings.

The author attempts to also provide clarification on many related topics which have puzzled the readers and conveys that though the Second Coming is imminent, it is yet to come. The book does not intimidate the readers with signs seen currently but gently asks them to be clear on the word of God and not to be frightened by baseless speculations put up by even leaders. The call is to be prepared.

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Paul James

Paul James is a practising Industrial Relations Advisor in Chennai. He holds an MPhil. degree in Social Work specializing in HR. He is doing his doctoral studies on MBTI in the department of Psychology, Madras University.

He hails from a family of Christian leaders. His maternal grandfather was Rev. R. Michael, a Pastor in the CSI Church in Salem and worked in the then London Mission Churches. His great grandfather Rev. Doraiswamy too was a Pastor. His grandfather Mr. Zachaeus from his paternal side was an Evangelist. Rt. Rev. Sam Ponnaiah, his father’s cousin was the first Bishop of CSI Vellore Diocese. His father’s bro-in-law Rev Rajamanickam too was a Pastor in the CSI Diocese.

He remembers his dear mother and dad as the most important persons responsible for his turning to the Lord.

His son Jonathan Samuel, who has completed his Masters in Psychology and PG Diploma in Journalism has a Prophetic Ministry and is into that full-time.

He is a member of the CSI Olcott Memorial Church, Viruthampet, Vellore.

He can be contacted by email at